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As a fashion and lifestyle influencer, I travel often. I mainly travel for work; whether this is commuting to meetings, connecting with people within the industry or travelling to shoot locations. 

I avoid primarily labelling myself as a ‘travel influencer’, as this isn’t what I specialise in, however, being able to include characteristics of a typical travel influencer within my brand is something that easily sneaks in with pleasure. My career and brand as Molly Eliza is a journey that, along the way, proudly promotes locations within our world in a way that is seen as unique artwork. In this way, I don’t restrict my audience to content type. Rather than simply showing them the outcome of the work I’m involved in, the journey through my own eyes is shown also!

travel influencers
travel influencers

Travel Influencers

travel influencers are each different in their own way; regarding the type of lifestyle influencer they recognise themselves as visually, through social media. The specific characteristics within my brand as a lifestyle influencer involve particularly unique aesthetics inside each form of lifestyle content that I hero.

Whether it is snippets of interiors, food, beverages, buildings, vehicles, nature, objects around me, observed people living their life  and so on; a resounding sense of unusual artwork within each is expressed. As a lifestyle influencer, I post a vast and varied amount of content within this area.

English Fashion Influencer

I am an English fashion influencer, loud and proud! England is full of such classic fashion history and identity. However, I tend to play around with having the classic pale english rose look, whilst also allowing my look/brand to have a sense of being atypical.

When ‘english fashion influencers’ is typed into the google search bar, there is a definite sense of classic, polished and clean fashion. I find pleasure and amusement in my brand being completely outside of these definitions. The only thing that separates me as an English fashion influencer is simply my location. My identity and brand has few limits regarding embracing brand origins, visual aesthetics and style choices.

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